Christmas Card Workshop 2009

Sunday, December 6th
Come and join us this coming month for a Christmas card workshop. They are a bunch of fun and a great time to create together with friends. Bring your own supplies or use ours. We are creating cards to be sold and funds will support missionaries. This project will be an ongoing one, come check it out this coming month and find out more. Last year we made several cards that we sent out to those on our mailing list. Christmas Cards 2008

Harvest Bash 09

These are some of the Harvest Bash 2009 back drop props we are creating and painting with friends from the Zone. If you are interested in helping out contact

Unfortunately this year we are not going to have a pumpkin carving workshop. In 2008 we also created a huge back drop and took photo's for families who didn't bring cameras. Check out the video of the over-sized coloring book project at Pumpkin Carving Workshop

Arts Calendar

Want to broadcast your art in our community? Check out what we are doing to help artists in the community.

July Events grand opening
Check out the new website.

Happy fourth of July, hope all of you are having fun this weekend! This next week there will be two painting & drawing shows opening from members in our community.

Paul Tepper has a solo show opening at Marcia Evans Gallery in the Short North this month. Join us for the opening Friday, July 10th from 6 – 9pm at 8 East Lincoln Street.

Mark Thomas has a solo show opening up Next Saturday at the Lindsay Gallery. Join us for the opening Saturday July 11th from 6 - 9 pm at 986 North High Street.

Lora Innes' Web comic "The Dreamer" will be released as a Graphic Novel July 15th! You’ll be able to read all six issues of Dreamer Goodness in one sitting.

For all those curious about the new website here is a sneak peek at the artist community page. We should be launching the site with in the week.

Also, one of our artists ask me to let everyone know the Art Museum will be free July & August. Don't believe me get the full scoop on the front page of the museums website.


Plein Air at the Zoo

Wednesday, June 24th Columbus Zoo 10 am
Wednesdays are half off for Franklin County residents so we are taking advantage! We met at the church at 9:30 am for anyone wanting to carpool, then meet inside zoo entrance around 10 am. Bring art supplies and a bagged lunch.Plein Air painting is not restricted to parks. Back in 07 we took many trips together to paint at the zoo. Personally I love the interaction with the children. It's like you get to be one of the attractions for the little people. We have wanted to take a group to the zoo for a while so if you are interested send us an email.

June Opportunities

This month Lora Innes will be sharing about her web comic The Dreamer, the arts festival is this weekend and next month we will be revealing a new name for the group and launching a new website. This blog will continue to showcase our art adventures and will be updated as usual. However this month we are a bit behind in updating the blog as we prepare for the launch of a new site. I hope you are as excited as we are about all the creative growth in our community.
We would love to showcase your work on our "new website" and give you the opportunity to share about your walk & calling. If you are interested send me a blurb with a bit about you with some photos of your work to

Opportunities to Create
Sunday Art Adventures - every Sunday join us for an afternoon at a park. Meet outside Vineyard south entrance 1:45 pm.
06-07-09 Arts Festival
06-14-09 Slate Run
06-21-09 Blendon Woods
06-24-09 Zoo (1/2 off)
06-28-09 ComFest
07-05-09 Blendon Woods
07-12-09 Innes Woods
07-19-09 Columbus Zoo
07-26-09 Innes Woods
08-02-09 Highbanks
08-09-09 Shiller Park
08-16-09 Strawberryfarms park
08-23-09 Sharon Woods
08-30-09 Franklin Park

Figure Drawing - 2nd & 4th Tuesday of every month, 6 pm.

Painters Group - 1st & 3rd Monday of every month, 7:30 pm

Around the World in 80min's

Preparations for "Around the world in 80 mins".
Want to build your own out back?
You can find directions at:

In a collaboration project with the Children's Ministry and Missions Department. We made props and backdrops for "Around the World in 80minutes" (event on the 24th). Friday 17th 6:00 at the community center we created this backdrop.

Childrens Book Illustrator

Join us Monday April 13th for an artist forum.
Alex Ferree has been interviewing artists on bi-monthly basis during our regular gatherings. We have had interviews with a web designer, an interior designer and a sculptor. Come out Monday night at 7:30 and meet some artists in and around our community.

This spring we will be hosting Illustrator Tim Bowers. Tim is a successful children book illustrator who has worked for several well known companies creating memorable characters and illustration. You can check out Tim's work for your self at
Seen above giving a power point presentation Tim gave us some great insight into the journey of a Christian illustrator. Along his journey he illustrated for large corporations, Hallmark, Focus on the Family and children's books for large publishing houses. According to the world, Tim has made "it." He has accomplished his goals. Yet in his candor and humility, Tim made clear he hasn't "arrived." The Christian life is a journey which has no destination on earth. Tim is consistently looking towards the higher goals and impacting people's lives.
Illustrator Tim Bowers, Writer Patrick Lewis & Beth Zappitello, First Dog published by Sleeping Bear Press.

Tim recently illustrated a book about the Obama's new found friend. You can read more about it by clicking on the image above. If you are interested in purchasing the book please go to

April Events

Here are some opportunities around Columbus for growth this month.

Wild Goose Creative
Painters Group - April 6th 7:30 pm
Figure Drawing - April 14th 6 pm
Painters Group - April 20th 7:30pm

JunctionView Studios
Treasure Swap - April 4 & 5th

The Fuse Factory
Soldering 101 - April 4th
Intro to Flash - April 11th
Intro to HTML - April 25th

Growing A Community (Garden)

Saturday May 23th 11:00am or Sunday 24th 2:00pm; Help us garden, and create a place where imagination grows and where a community is cultivated.

Artists are coming together with gardeners and community organizers to cultivate a community (4,352 sq. ft. garden). Together we are investing in the King Lincoln district and much more. We are involving the community with gardening and providing fresh produce to those in the area as well as distributing produce at the 5th Ave food pantry. You don't have to be an artist or gardener to come & help. Just send us an email if you're interested in getting involved. In addition to the movie nights, and plant exchange we had last year we plan on hosting a variety of other community events at the garden. Check back for more about a community cookout or a community art project.

As CCAD exhibitions (Bureau for Open Culture) transitions out of their year long commitment we would like to come alongside the community to continue impacting the neighborhood and building a Green space in Urban Columbus .

........... Seed bank
Use your God given creativity to inspire those in the community. Check out the community seed bank built by Danny Tuss and the entrance created by Josh Correa were a wall of sunflowers will go.

Contact to learn how you could get involved with this project. For more infomation on how to get involved with other plots and more information about providing education & fresh produce to the food pantry contact Kelly linsday at Lindsay, To find out more about this project and what developed last year please check out this blogsite devoted to the garden site

.................. Garden location: 926-928 E. Gay Street

Group Collage

Thursday May 28th
Last & Final night to work on this collage project as a group. The date reflects a change in our latest newsletter.

Please bring beads, jewels, and other objects of interest to attach to our groups collage. Also bring transparencies that can cover parts of the collage while allowing the imagery to show through (such as screen mesh, colored plastics that can be cut). We will have a drill that evening on hand to attach larger objects. Holes will be drilled so that larger objects can be secured from the back of the board with twine. We will provide paint and brushes, however you could use your own if you prefer.

It was the ultimate challenge bringing motivated, talented artists diverse in styles with different aesthetics, each with a different vision together to create a piece. 8 artists accepted the challenge together we prayed, discussed a direction and prayed again, then courageously moved forward. The result was 2 hours of stimulating creativity. Yes there was different opinions at times, but together we worked off of, over and besides, one another's creativity. We all plated off the ideas started by one person then reinterpreted by another.

The result was something none of us planned for or visualized - a cohesive work of art. Now it's not finished, yet. 2hours is hardly enough time to create a masterpiece, but it is well on it's way to becoming a successful piece we can all feel proud of. If you wish to rise to the challenge then bring interesting materials and join us for the finish.

Please email us to find out when the next Collage night will be.

Comic Workshop

This Sunday we will have a free Comic Workshop! During this workshop we will go over Character Design, Page Layout and basic drawing skills.

Drawing skills - Basic shapes, shadows, form
Character Design - model & style sheets
Page Layout - Transitions, gutter, negative space

Comics found on the web used for educational examples during our workshop.
1) "Brog" - Tom Stratford
2) Pro Game Development
3) Alex Albrecht
4) Joshua James
5) Michael Buffington Jr.
6) Michael Buffington Jr.
We would like to encourage you to keep on drawing. The best way to learn is to practice, practice, practice! If you would like more help, instruction and direction come out to our portfolio development class. Some of our instructors will be helping teach the class starting next week.

Check out some of the comics produced by folks here in our Vineyard Community.
. ................................. ..

Canvas Party

Canvas Stretching Party
Wednesday, February 25 ( 7PM - 9:30PM Room CC-102 )
Wednesday on the first floor of the Community Center; we went over how to prepare and gesso your own canvas. We provided muslin, a light weight canvas material, light weight stretcher strips, and primer. The canvas is yours to have compliments of the Visual Arts Ministry and those who contributed. The Oswalts (pioneers in their own Artistic Adventures) donated the stretcher strips and Danny Tuss from CCAD Exhibitions donated 16x12 feet unprimed muslin and 12x15 feet primed muslin.
Kate Purnell and Deborah Correa taught how to stretch and prepare canvas and we gave out a handful of finished canvas. Knowing how to prepare your own canvas is very useful for an artist. The end result is often cheaper, better quality, and can be made to better suit your purpose. We have plenty of canvas left from this last canvas party and will be having canvas parties periodically. Email us for more information on the next party. If you are interested in donating materials; partner with us in distributing them through our classes, workshops and parties!

Visiting Artist Forum

Bi-Monthly Artist Forum.
Alex Ferree has been interviewing artists on bi-monthly basis during our regular gatherings. We have had interviews with a web designer and an interior designer. Come out Monday night at 7:30 and meet some artists in and around our community.

This Monday February 9th we will continue our visiting artist forums with sculptor/fabricator Steven Bush. Steve is passionate about giving advice to artist from his personal experience. Steve is an easy going fun loving story teller with plenty to share about.

Spring Visiting Artist Forum (April 13th) - This spring we will be hosting Illustrator Tim Bowers. Tim is a successful children book illustrator who has worked for several well known companies creating memorable characters and illustration. You can check out Tim's work for your self at

Arts Missions to Cincinnati Central II

We invite you to come with us to Cincinnati January 16-18th for an art's planning trip. During this trip we will be planning an art event with the Norwood Vineyard which will take place in the spring.

This should be a great time to fellowship with Vineyard Columbus Arts Community and a time to be encouraged from new creative friends in Cincinnati.

For more from the communities first visit check out

The Freedom Center

"If the forces of injustice can take an active role in tearing down humanity then let us stand. Let all those who weep for those that bleed stand. For if we were created in the image of the one who bleeds for humanity then how much more were we created for? Let the building up of one another be on display, like glory of the radiance we were made to reflect". - Josh

"This was my second trip to the Freedom Center, but there is so much to see there I could go ten times and not see it all. I think what impacted me the most on this trip was the animated short film "Suite For Freedom". This film was made up of four different hand-drawn animations, each artists created a animation telling a story of freedom. The individual styles of each artist made their story come alive.

Click on photos to enlarge

The Freedom Center is built on the north bank of the Ohio River; the border of Freedom. The moment visitors exit the Freedom Center the sight of the river reminds them that they are standing in Freedom. Not just the north side of the Ohio river, but today we are free from the institution of racial slavery in America. Another significant exhibit at the museum is the portion on modern slavery. We can think that slavery is a thing of the past, but in fact there are more slaves now then there has ever been. Slavery takes the form of bonded laborers in cigarette factories in Africa, illegal tomato pickers kept from freedom by their fear of law enforcement in Florida, and a growing industry of sex slaves, which is alive and well here in the US. This portion of the Freedom center not only informs the visitor about these crimes, but also the people combating them; our modern day heroes. I left the Freedom Center with a deeper understanding of the injustice we inflict one another, and a strong desire to bring about justice for those still in bondage, in addition to a overwhelming thankfulness for the Freedom I experience every day". - Deb