Arts Missions to Cincinnati Central II

We invite you to come with us to Cincinnati January 16-18th for an art's planning trip. During this trip we will be planning an art event with the Norwood Vineyard which will take place in the spring.

This should be a great time to fellowship with Vineyard Columbus Arts Community and a time to be encouraged from new creative friends in Cincinnati.

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The Freedom Center

"If the forces of injustice can take an active role in tearing down humanity then let us stand. Let all those who weep for those that bleed stand. For if we were created in the image of the one who bleeds for humanity then how much more were we created for? Let the building up of one another be on display, like glory of the radiance we were made to reflect". - Josh

"This was my second trip to the Freedom Center, but there is so much to see there I could go ten times and not see it all. I think what impacted me the most on this trip was the animated short film "Suite For Freedom". This film was made up of four different hand-drawn animations, each artists created a animation telling a story of freedom. The individual styles of each artist made their story come alive.

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The Freedom Center is built on the north bank of the Ohio River; the border of Freedom. The moment visitors exit the Freedom Center the sight of the river reminds them that they are standing in Freedom. Not just the north side of the Ohio river, but today we are free from the institution of racial slavery in America. Another significant exhibit at the museum is the portion on modern slavery. We can think that slavery is a thing of the past, but in fact there are more slaves now then there has ever been. Slavery takes the form of bonded laborers in cigarette factories in Africa, illegal tomato pickers kept from freedom by their fear of law enforcement in Florida, and a growing industry of sex slaves, which is alive and well here in the US. This portion of the Freedom center not only informs the visitor about these crimes, but also the people combating them; our modern day heroes. I left the Freedom Center with a deeper understanding of the injustice we inflict one another, and a strong desire to bring about justice for those still in bondage, in addition to a overwhelming thankfulness for the Freedom I experience every day". - Deb