Canvas Party

Canvas Stretching Party
Wednesday, February 25 ( 7PM - 9:30PM Room CC-102 )
Wednesday on the first floor of the Community Center; we went over how to prepare and gesso your own canvas. We provided muslin, a light weight canvas material, light weight stretcher strips, and primer. The canvas is yours to have compliments of the Visual Arts Ministry and those who contributed. The Oswalts (pioneers in their own Artistic Adventures) donated the stretcher strips and Danny Tuss from CCAD Exhibitions donated 16x12 feet unprimed muslin and 12x15 feet primed muslin.
Kate Purnell and Deborah Correa taught how to stretch and prepare canvas and we gave out a handful of finished canvas. Knowing how to prepare your own canvas is very useful for an artist. The end result is often cheaper, better quality, and can be made to better suit your purpose. We have plenty of canvas left from this last canvas party and will be having canvas parties periodically. Email us for more information on the next party. If you are interested in donating materials; partner with us in distributing them through our classes, workshops and parties!

Visiting Artist Forum

Bi-Monthly Artist Forum.
Alex Ferree has been interviewing artists on bi-monthly basis during our regular gatherings. We have had interviews with a web designer and an interior designer. Come out Monday night at 7:30 and meet some artists in and around our community.

This Monday February 9th we will continue our visiting artist forums with sculptor/fabricator Steven Bush. Steve is passionate about giving advice to artist from his personal experience. Steve is an easy going fun loving story teller with plenty to share about.

Spring Visiting Artist Forum (April 13th) - This spring we will be hosting Illustrator Tim Bowers. Tim is a successful children book illustrator who has worked for several well known companies creating memorable characters and illustration. You can check out Tim's work for your self at