Pumpkin Fun

Pumpkin Fun this October!
We started out on the 19th with Oversized Coloring Book design for the Havest Bash! The next week we had a pumpkin decorating workshop. At the harvest bash the following week we used the backdrop we made for a photo opportunity. Many families had cameras and left with great shots of their little ones. We took photo's for families who did not have a camera that evening. They are able to download their photo's from our website. Some photo's will be color corrected so check back for more on this event.
Photos available on flickr site, click this link

Thank you so much for coming out and joining the launch of our seasonal workshops. Also a big thanks to some of our local business' who donated 100 pumpkins & gift cards for our event.

Please email us to recieve your prize. More photos will be uploaded by next week from Mike Lovette (so check back). .............................

Harvest Bash was a blast check out photos on the flickr site under Havest Bash.
Questions about the photos? Check back for more photos from our other photographers and for photo edited images.

Photos by Joshua Correa

Art Workshops

Workshops & Classes
Welcome to our wonderful world of workshops! We are glad you took the time to find out how you might get involved. Our community creates art on location in the spring & summer, but during winter we create opportunities for the community to learn. We offer one day workshops as previews to our 5 week classes. These workshops offer an opportunity to create a piece of art with little commitment. However you might get hooked and come back for the art classes. Register by emailing deborah.correa@goodgrapes.org

November - Drawing Workshop!

December -
Holiday Ceramic Workshop
...................... ... http://www.clayspace831.com/

January - Digital Photography Workshop

Recycled Art Project

Photos from Kate Purnell

Recycled City - Eco & Art Adventures
On October the 12th our groups built a city out of recycled material for a recycling drive. We set up shop on the side walk around 9 am and got to work creating a city out of cardboard, candle packaging, glue and tape. We had high school helpers construct the city, while several little hands brought color to the city. Folks stopped by to enjoy the art, and several kids had a blast helping. It was great to talk with big and little people about what we are doing. A few of my favorite little people quotes were "Wooe, this is so cool" and "This is like the coolest thing ever!" This truely was a great project. It was also a fun and creative way to encourage recycling. And a great opportunity for two different ministries to work together. All materials were recycled after the city was disassembled at 6 pm.

Photo by Mike Lovette

A Creative Creation Story

Story by - Alex Ferree

photos from Kate Purnell now on:

top Photo by Kate Purnell
Check out the photos on Picsa site. Large images available.

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